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We are a full-stack social media marketing agency

Our team are here to help create your brand identity, grow your audience and drive website traffic, as well as deliver high quality leads through tailored digital marketing and social media activity. We are here to assist with all of your digital marketing needs and deliver results. Our specialties include social media, influencer marketing, content creation, newsletter management, brand launch campaigns and social media advertising.

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What We Do

We leverage social media experts who understand your target audience, and create content that will resonate with consumers and help build a community of brand advocates.

Content Creation

     We offer a range of content creation services, both written and visual, which we align to your brand image and tone of voice. We offer:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Blog / Article copywriting
  • Content creation (written & visual) across all social media platforms
  • Newsletter copywriting

Influencer Campaigns

Through being involved in digital marketing across different industries, our team have built up a network of influencers who we collaborate with to help our brands reach wider audiences. We handle the sourcing, on-boarding and relationship management with all influencers. Following our largest campaign to date, results statistics include:

  • A reach of over 2 million people
  • Over 1,600 affiliate link clicks generated
  • Average engagement rate of 4.25%

Channel Management

We deploy content across a variety of social media channels, utilising posts, stories and the vast range of other social media tools to keep your feeds active and consistent with your brand image & values. We support the execution of strategic paid initiatives, such as channel adverts and growth campaigns.


We bring all these elements together to develop an overarching channel strategy based upon brand objectives, which we then execute against.

How We Work

Strategy & Audience Research

We work closely with you to understand your digital marketing needs as well as your industry and the audiences you’re looking to reach. This will enable us to create a detailed digital marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Content Creation & Deployment

We will create and curate content bespoke to each social media channel we decide to use. Our dedicated community managers will spend time on the accounts daily, engaging with the community and reaching out to people within our target audience to increase following and engagement.

Ad Campaigns

Our organic engagement is supported by social media advertising whereby we create personas, matching them to bespoke audiences within the setup of the ad and tailoring the copy and creative to resonate with each audience specifically, in order to reach our KPIs.


Our team are experts in analysing data from social media platforms and Google Analytics. Each month we’ll provide you with an in depth report on what is working well and what can be improved, both on organic and paid digital marketing efforts.


When working with CAL Social you can expect real results, communicated regularly through detailed monthly progress reports and tracked using targeted KPIs such as engagement, click throughs, reach and following.

We know that each company’s social media needs are different, that’s why we offer bespoke quotes to each of our clients. To find out more about how we could help your business grow a dedicated online audience, contact us.

Our Collaborators


Big Difference

"I couldn't quite believe just how much difference it made to have the CAL Social team on hand to help with my social media posting whilst I was driving."

Nabila Tejpar

Organised and reliable

"The CAL Social team are well organised and reliable, which is important for me as I’m abroad. I’m always confident that the work is being done with real care and attention, and that the success of my company is as important to them as it is to me."

Simon Johnson Founder of Restore Me CBD

Helped us reach 250,000 people

"CAL Social have been incredible for our team. Our latest post reached 250,000 people. Our brand, thanks to CAL Social, continues to expand its global presence, critically helping us to achieve our mission to empower the Aviation industry."

VP of Aviation Sales & Marketing AEROTUF, South Carolina

Delivers valuable piece of work

"The workshop that CAL Social delivered for us was a hugely valuable piece of work delivered with skill and professionalism.”

Mark Cohen Founder, PR Office