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CAL Social – our journey through 2020

I won’t insult you all by starting this with a line about 2020 being an unprecedented or difficult year- we were all there, so we’re aware. A lot happened for us as a company over the last 12 months, we were lucky enough to have our company values like flexibility and remote working work in our favour. Our processes were already in place to handle a world where we were unable to see each other in real life and throughout the course of the year they only improved.

The Beginning of 2020: Luxury Property SOCIAL mEDIA sTRATEGY

In January we started working with a client in the luxury property sector. The aim was to use Instagram to raise awareness of the building, architecture and surrounding area to reach a very specific audience who would then be driven to the website to enquire for more information. We worked alongside Maison Communications to deliver a social media strategy that supported their PR activation. Over the space of the year we ran our most successful ad campaign to date at £0.07 per click through to site and £6 per lead.

Fitness Studio Logo & Branding

Designing logos and bringing branding to life something we’ve done for almost half of the brands we’ve worked with to date. In March we created a whole new identity for a fitness studio in Camden, incorporating their core values into our design.

Digital Marketing Strategy for an Online Marketplace Startup

April saw us devising a digital marketing strategy for a pre launch online marketplace startup. We looked at everything from how the brand’s competitors portray themselves on social media and what kind of content works best on each platform to how their target audience consume online content, their online purchasing behaviours, market size and trends. We delivered this piece of work in a half day workshop, where we also discussed our research based recommendations for which platforms to use, what kind of content will resonate with their audience and some sample campaign ideas.

TikTok Online Course Making for Marketing and Advertising Partnership

Our founding team were also asked to contribute to the making of an online course on TikTok marketing and advertising with ex Facebook marketer, author, entrepreneur and co-host of the Ben and Tony podcast, Anthony McGuire. The course outlines the basics of how TikTok works, why it’s such a powerful marketing tool and how to use it to amplify your brand. Find out more via this link:

Photoshoot for a Fashion Client

In June we organised and ran the shoot for our longest standing fashion client’s new season collection. Setting this up during the pandemic meant we had to take extra precautions to ensure that everyone involved was safe. The images and videos turned out great, and later in the year one was featured in The Guardian.

Creating a Brand from Scratch

Later on in the summer we launched a project that we’d been working on for over 6 months. The client came to us with an idea, which we brought to life through branding, packaging design, a bespoke website and a distinct tone of voice that carried through all of our marketing materials.

We ran a gifting based influencer marketing campaign that saw the brand promoted on 17 different accounts to a combined audience of over 800k.

Our First Kickstarter Marketing Campaign

In September we started work on our first kickstarter marketing campaign. With help from our partners Pengarna, we created a video campaign that illustrated the brand’s messaging and perfectly captured the qualities and features of their product. Having embarked on the kickstarter route only to realise that the demand for the product was indeed there, we were able to repurpose the marketing materials to create a site to sell the products through directly.

We also ran a low spend ad campaign on LinkedIn to amplify a client’s new branding. With help from our partners at Oaksure Associates, we were able to target a very specific audience of potential customers for our client and spent only £0,01 per impression. 

Rebranding our company to CAL Social

A project that had been ongoing since the middle of the year was our very own company rebrand from Content Agency London to CAL Social. As we move into this new phase with a wealth of experience in branding and design, market analysis and digital marketing strategy, social media platform management, influencer marketing, website optimisation and newsletter management, we’re more confident than ever in the strength of our offering.


Our team has grown from 4 to 7 in the last 12 months. As we grow we expand our skill set and deepen our knowledge of different industries and social media platforms. Our uniqueness as a team stems from the fact that we’re all entrepreneurs, dedicated to being at the forefront of online trends and helping our clients establish themselves within modern day society. More on our team in our next post, coming soon.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email Follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram to stay up to date with what’s happening at CAL Social.

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