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Community Management


You may also know the term ‘community’ as ‘friends and acquaintances on the internet’ or ‘your online community of other human beings, doing the exact same thing you’re doing.’

So you’ve got an online presence, a few thousand followers and a Canva account to create content, but you’re struggling to build a community of people who engage with your posts regularly and purchase your products?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many brands have this same problem. This is where CM or Community Management comes into play.

When it came to building an online presence on social platforms a few years ago, you could quite easily get away with posting a piece of content and coming straight off the app and carrying on watching Will and Grace. Today however, with so many online platforms being over saturated and social media users getting smarter, alongside high quality content production becoming the norm, it’s now more important than ever to reach out to your community and start conversations.

Community Management is so much more than just liking people’s posts or comments and dropping a few heart-eye emojis, it works best when you get personal. Here are CAL Social’s top things to think about when it comes to engaging with your followers and bringing people into your brand’s inner circle.

Anyone that follows you is a HOT LEAD

They’ve followed your content because they like what you’re doing. So don’t be a stranger, give them some love with a direct message.

Spend your energy in the right places

Don’t focus so much on numbers dropping (there are plenty of bots and fake accounts on Instagram) instead focus your energy on the people who constantly interact with your content. Those are the people who are most likely to share your content and will probably eventually convert into sales. Like their posts, maybe even follow them back, send them a personalised discount code. Do anything you can to make them feel valued, they’ll stick around for longer that way.

Reach out to people outside your current community

You know your audience are on the platforms you’re using, you just have to find them. If you’re a health food brand, perhaps the demographic of people you want to engage with are following foodie accounts such as Deliciously Ella? Starting to engage with people who engage with similar accounts to your own or influencers in your space will put you on their radar.

Send people products to try

We’re more likely to buy something that we’ve tried and tested, plus everyone loves a gift! Giving people the opportunity to try your product will at worst help raise awareness of your brand and at best earn you a customer for life.

Take the time to make it personal

One personalised comment that asks a question or comments on something deep within a caption is more valuable than ten comments of fire and heart emojis. Taking the time to show people that you care is when you start to see the best results from your Community Management.

Apps – do they work?

Sites like Dolla Eighty are a great way of saving time in your community management as you can access it straight from your desktop and not get too lost in the feeds. However, there’s still something to say about putting in the hard graft. With Community Management you get what you give. The more time you put into it, the more results you’ll see.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and reach out to us for some extra strategy advice if you need more guidance or direction.

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