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Social media for the luxury property sector

We’ve been working with clients in the luxury property sector in London for years and have learnt a lot along the way. Just as no two clients are the same in any industry across the board, our property clients couldn’t be more different both in the way they want to be portrayed on social media but also in the way that they want their accounts managed. Here is some of our advice on how to manage accounts in this industry effectively.

Their audiences are incredibly specific

We’re talking about the 0.01% here. If anyone knows their market inside out, it’s the prime property sector. Absorbing as much information about the target audience from the client as you can will give you a good head start for when you start thinking about storytelling and campaign ideas.

They’re incredibly particular about tone of voice

Representing a luxury brand requires an incredibly high level of attention to detail when it comes to written content. The tone of each piece of content has to mimic the quality and prestige of the properties managed by the client. If a house worth millions of pounds could speak, what would it sound like?

The Bryanston, hyde park
The Bryanston, Hyde Park

You’re not selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle

It’s your job to embody the way that the other half live, and translate that into social media content. It’s not just about the house, it’s about the proximity to the michelin star restaurants, the ease at which one can get to an airport, the high end feel of the neighbourhood, the landmarks and beautiful green spaces nearby and so much more.

Include all parts of the project in your strategy

The industry is small and made up of different companies who work together on different projects. Tagging agents, interior designers, artists, developers, photographers and everyone else involved in any project will enable you to reach wider audiences.

Creating high end visual assets and storytelling

Curating feeds that have a consistent high end look is important, but so is storytelling. Posting high quality imagery, videography and CGIs whilst weaving in other content that tells the story of the surrounding area or the making of the property is what will separate one feed from others in the industry. 

Reaching target audiences

The importance of using niche, audience specific hashtags cannot be overlooked. Understanding what accounts your target audience are engaging with, where they hang out, who they trust and what products they buy will enable you to reach them effectively.

If you’d like to find out more, book in for a consultation with our team via this link.

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